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At Carnegie Private Wealth, our specialized Business Owner Services offering is thoughtfully designed to address the distinct characteristics, needs and goals of business owners and their families. Our knowledgeable team has decades of experience working with founders, owners and key members of privately owned companies. Whether you are just starting out in a new venture, contemplating the best exit strategy or somewhere in between, we’re confident we can bring clarity and add value by helping you navigate the unique circumstances you face as a business owner.

When it comes to personal finance, business owners desire order and ease above all else. It’s common for owners to spend much of their time working in the day-to-day operations of the business and little to no time working on the actual business itself, not to mention their broader financial and estate plan. It is also common for a business to make up the majority of an owner’s net worth with a successful retirement and legacy dependent upon monetizing the business in some way. Our team specializes in working with business owners to make sure their financial plan receives the same level of care that they give their businesses.

We allow business owners to focus on their business by providing clarity and confidence through the consideration of questions such as:

  • Do you know what your business is worth? What method(s) have you used to assess the value?
  • Do you know how much you need from your business to meet your retirement goals?
  • What is your succession plan? Is it known amongst key parties? Is it documented?
  • Are your financial statements in good order and processes well documented? Do you have any key supplier or customer concentration risks?
  • Have you reviewed tax-efficient strategies to transfer ownership to family, management or key employees?
  • Does your estate plan consider your business succession plan?
  • What obstacles may prevent a successful transition or sale?

Our team works with our business owner clients to develop a customized comprehensive plan to address all these areas and then remains with them every step of the way through execution. Having a plan is important, but executing the plan is essential. We have found that many business owners know the right things to do, but they do not have the time to execute on them without guidance and support.

What services does Carnegie Private Wealth provide to our business owner clients?

  • Cash flow and liquidity planning
  • Estate and wealth transfer planning
  • Buy/sell planning
  • Valuation education
  • Tax planning
  • Insurance and risk planning for the unexpected
  • Executive compensation/incentive planning
  • Transition alternatives assessment