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Estate & Legacy Planning

Define your legacy.

A well-structured estate plan is essential for every person to ensure that their assets pass how they desire after their death. The specific documents that comprise an estate plan will vary based on individual or family circumstances and asset complexity. However, many people believe that the estate planning process ends with great documents from their attorney, but that is really just the beginning. Without a properly implemented estate plan that coordinates your documents with your specific assets (how they are owned, who the designated beneficiaries are, etc.) your wishes may not ultimately be carried out as you intend.

The topic of estate planning can be uncomfortable to discuss. At Carnegie Private Wealth, our team specializes in simplifying the complex, providing education and guidance and seeing a plan through to implementation. Above all else, we listen to our clients and help them to develop a plan that accomplishes their wishes and alleviates their concerns.

Whether you are putting your very first estate plan in place or would like to discuss advanced wealth transfer and charitable planning strategies or anything in between, Carnegie Private Wealth is here to assist. Let us help you to organize your plan ahead of time with the goal of making your time with your estate planning attorney as efficient as possible.

Carnegie Private Wealth helps individuals and families address their estate and legacy planning needs by offering the following services:

  • Education on estate planning documents—which ones are right for you?
  • Summarizing your current estate plan—visual outline of what your documents say: who, what and how
  • Flowcharting of current asset flow—based on account titling, beneficiary designations and estate planning documents to help you see how your assets would pass in actuality
  • Referrals to a network of experienced and trusted estate planning attorneys and accountants
  • Project management—as desired, assist with coordination and implementation of the plan with outside professionals (e.g. attorney, accountant, qualified appraiser, etc.)
  • Education of next generation/family members about the details of your estate plan and how it will impact them
  • Implementation and follow-up—ensure assets are titled correctly and review beneficiary designations
  • Ongoing review—things change: family circumstances, estate tax laws, asset levels, etc. Our team is committed to keeping your plan up-to-date and coordinated. We recommend a thorough review of your documents every 3-4 years at a minimum.