About Us

Insurance & Risk Analysis

Creating your personal
protection plan.

Life is full of risks—we’re here to help you keep your financial future protected no matter what.

We work with our clients to explore and identify any and all areas of risk that may threaten their long-term financial success. We help to untangle the complicated world of risk assessment and insurance to ensure that they have the right level of coverage for each area of potential risk. We work with experienced professionals both inside and outside of Carnegie Private Wealth to implement the appropriate services to meet these needs. 

Examples of common questions that we help our clients answer:

  • How do I protect my family from financial hardship if I pass away?
  • What tools are available to protect my income if I’m out of work unexpectedly?
  • Do I have the right coverage in place to protect my property and assets?
  • What will happen to our financial plan if a family member needs long-term care services in the future?