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We start our process by getting to know you, your family and your financial needs. We will share our investment philosophy and how we work with our clients to define, plan for and achieve their goals. After explaining our process and approach, we will mutually decide if working together could be a good fit. If it feels like it might be, then we will move into the Discovery phase.


In this Discovery stage, we'll deep dive into your financial life to learn about your current situation, past experiences and future goals. We will gain an understanding of your family dynamics, attitudes regarding risk and any plans that you already have in place. In this phase, we will help you to assess any issues that we see with your current strategies and what might be done to improve them.

Step 3 PLAN

Next, we will build a comprehensive action plan to address each item that we identified during our discovery stage, targeting the most pressing areas first. We will then help you to implement each solution--one step at a time. After completing this phase, our goal is that you will feel well organized and prepared to confidently tackle your future.

Step 4 GUIDE

On an on-going basis through our regular meetings, we will review your strategies and assess any changes in your goals, family or life circumstances. As your life evolves, your financial strategies need to evolve, and we will be there to prompt the right discussions and ideas to consider. Our goal in each review meeting is to renew your feeling of clarity and confidence.

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